14 February to 22 February, 2025, 150 km in 4 Stages.

Trans Sahara Marathon Morocco

The Trans Sahara Marathon is an Ultra Trail of 150 km in 4 stages in the Sahara Desert of Morocco.

Come explore our culture-rich city and truly experience the desert challenge. Running the extreme desert challenge is also helping connects non-profit organizations to passionate race participants willing to fundraise and raise awareness for causes that give back to our local community.

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Run to achieve a personal goal or connect your passion with purpose and run for a charity.

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Why run in Trans Sahara Marathon?

  • Organized by Mohamed Ahansal, legendary desert runner best known for his 5 wins of the Marathon des Sables.
  • Educate every person on techniques intended to optimize performance and minimize injury.
  • Protect all runners from the safety risks that come with running.
  • Inspiring generations of new runners to take on the joys of running through the Sahara Desert.
  • Guaranteed entry – No ballots, no lists, no hassle.

Relive the moments of the race

Tears, laughter, joy and sunshine.

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