19 February to 27 February, 2022, 130 km in 4 Stages.

The value of joining Trans Sahara Marathon

Whether you are planning on running your first marathon, Trans Sahara Marathon is committed to making it fun, easy, and exciting to be a positive experience!

When you attend or joining the Trans Sahara Marathon race, you will enjoy a top-quality experience from start to finish.

We help you to train with other runners who share similar goals and ability. Experienced marathon runners may learn things they never thought about before and be elevated to a higher level of running in the Sahara desert !

Ahansal Events is the engine behind Trans Sahara Marathon race. We strive to inspire any and all to run with us.

Trans Sahara Marathon Morocco

Running between dunes and mountains, in the beautiful Moroccan desert.

Zagora is a city of the desert wanderers, located in the southeast of Morocco

Originally it was called ‘Tazagourt”, Zagora is small town in the valley of the Drâa River in Drâa-Tafilalet in southeastern Morocco, a popular tourist destination. It’s the door of the Sahara desert, a place of reflection and well-deserved rest. You will be surprised by the friendliness of the people, the traditional architecture, its exquisite cuisine with spice flavours and by the variety of landscapes like the palm groves and the dunes.

Zagora is a common pitstop on the way to the Sahara Desert, and was formerly the last stopover on the road to Timbuktu. On the main boulevard of the city, you can still see a famous signpost stating that Timbuktu is 52 days away by camel.

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